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Welcome to the official website of Smart Option Laundry Equipment Enterprise.

We are a one stop shop company which caters to laundry basic needs such as Plastic Bags, Paper Bags, Manila Paper, Hangers, Chemicals, Washer and Dryer Parts and Repairs.

Our Mission:
To provide quality service to our valued customers by continuously training our honest technicians that will render swift and effective technical support, thereby converting precious time into profit. We believe that laundry machines and dryers is the bloodline of this business.

To provide quality supplies like paper bags, manila paper, hangers, coat covers, sando bag, daytag, scotch tape, staple wire, softener, liquid/powder detergent, bleach, fabric spray to further satisfy your customers’ needs.

Our Vision:
To have our company’s reputation as the top priority among our satisfied customers by enhancing on our service, parts supply and technical know-how through a beneficial partnership with industry leaders.

We currently service Metro Manila and Laguna. We also provide quality hangers, paper bags, manila paper, plastics and imported laundry chemicals to most laundry establishments within these areas.

Visit our office our shop at 2268-2270 Onyx Street, San Andres Bukid, Manila where we showcase Crosley washing machines and dryers at the best price.